Why Train at T7 Fitness?

“It takes a great coach to motivate from a distance; Troy has met and exceeded that challenge for over a year as my “on-line” trainer. The technology may have a few hiccups, and the range of exercise equipment options is limited, but neither of those have been serious hurdles to his ability to challenge me and keep me moving in the right direction.

After moving from Omaha I was concerned my three years of face-to-face training with Troy would be over. When asked about experimenting with sessions over Skype, Troy developed routines and programs he could provide at a distance. Through his flexibility in adapting this approach I continue to enjoy the workouts and feel just as committed and responsible as during our sessions in Nebraska.”

“Troy gets results! We have and are getting results. There is accountability. Where some trainers let you slide, Troy is respectfully honest about what is expected from you. We have fun during the workouts. I’m not saying they are easy because they are tough but they are always enjoyable and innovative. He has pushed me to be better physically, mentally and emotionally, and he is a great functional specialist!”

Christine Homan R.N.

“Trevor has really enjoyed the summer program. He has been able to tell a difference as he played baseball this summer and has now began football practice. You’ve done a great job of integrating specific drills/excercises with some fun activities like dodgeball which help improve lateral quickness. I hope you will continue this program as I’ve indicated to others the benefits I see thru Trevor’s participation.”

“Chris has been involved in T7Fitness strength and conditioning programs for a year now and we’ve seen tremendous growth in his athleticism. It has made him not only a better athlete, but a better person. Troy is a great role model for these kids and translates that into his program. After Chris first session, he saw increases in his vertical jump, and bettered his speed in the 10-yard dash and pro-agility-right and left.”

“Every T7 Fitness session Miles shows improvement in all phases of what you test him on. It’s a great confidence builder for him. He’s 13 now, and his goal is to be able to dunk a basketball a year from now. That is the kind of confidence that this program has given him. He sees that effort equals results with this program — and the way his vertical and explosiveness have increased since he started T7, I think he has a pretty good shot at reaching his goal.”


“My kids really enjoyed the camp, Jacob especially. Breanna is not one to work hard and exercise but she told me she feels stronger!! We would love to do another one during the school year.”

Sara Legleiter