Athletic Standard Index (ASI) Evaluations

What is the ASI Evaluation?

The Athletic Standard Index (ASI) evaluation is the Gold Standard in evaluating athletes.
The evaluation provides each athlete:

  • an ASI score (0–3000)
  • information on target areas that prevent injuries
  • valuable data on how to increase athletic performance
Boyd Epley and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln have recently implemented a similar system (Performance Index) to evaluate recruits and athletes in all sports.
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Baseline ASI Test


  • Highest risk of non-contact injury (ACL/PCL/MCL etc.)
  • Low chance of playing time
  • Lowest chance of recruitment

Short-Term Improvement


  • Lower risk of injury
  • Increased chance of playing time
  • Increased chance of recruitment

Long-Term Improvement


  • Lowest risk of injury
  • High chance of playing time
  • Highly recruitable

Athletic Standard Index (ASI) Evaluations for Athletes in Omaha

At T7 Fitness, developing the fastest, strongest and most explosive athlete starts with ASI evaluations. The ASI baseline score is crucial for developing the athlete’s program and tracking their progress.

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